Drainage Installation in Crowborough, Lewes and the Surrounding Areas

Meet DP Groundworks, your drainage installation specialist and the reputable groundworks company for Crowborough, Lewes, Uckfield and all areas in Sussex. With extensive experience in site clearances, bulk excavation work and land preparation, we install efficient drainage systems for your property. Here, we look at managing surface water and foul water run-off, connecting to a mains system, and the availability of soakaways as an alternative.

Dale and his team offer a comprehensive drainage service where we uplift the old system, if required to, and undertake all groundworks phases so that we can complete your installation to exacting standards.

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Clearing the Site

Before commencing a drainage installation project, a thorough clearance is paramount. Our skilled team conducts a meticulous examination of the area, removing any obstructions such as vegetation, debris or any structures that might hinder the smooth progress of the project. This essential preparation will ensure a clean and accessible space for all subsequent stages.

We remove spoil from site and take it to licensed waste transfer stations for screening, processing and recycling – usually into secondary aggregates.

Bulk Excavation

Once we have the site cleared, bulk excavation takes place to create space for the drainage installation. This process involves the removal of excess soil and earth, allowing for proper positioning and the laying of pipes, channels and other necessary components. Our professional team executes this task diligently, adhering to precise measurements to ensure optimal functionality.

We can bring plant and machinery to site to speed up this side of operations, and to reduce the overall time it takes to have your new system running.

Preparing the Land

Effective land preparation is essential to guaranteeing the efficiency and longevity of your drainage system. Our groundworks company excels in this stage, which involves grading and shaping the land to facilitate water flow and prevent stagnant pools. By contouring the landscape, we can enable a smooth passage for both surface water and foul water run-off.

Groundwork is at the very heart of our company, and this is a phase where we can really begin to show off the talents of our hardworking team.

Surface and Foul Water Run-Off

Surface water run-off refers to rainwater or other precipitation that flows over the ground surface. To prevent waterlogging and potential damage to your property, installations include the integration of surface water systems. These systems consist of gutters, downpipes and surface drains, which capture and redirect rainwater away from your property to keep it dry and protected.

Foul water run-off, on the other hand, consists of the wastewater from sinks, toilets, baths, showers, basins, wet rooms and other household drains. Our groundworks company ensures the appropriate installation of foul water drainage systems to safely remove these potentially harmful fluids.

We employ advanced techniques to connect your property to the mains sewer system while complying with all relevant regulations.

Connecting to the Mains System

Our dedicated team of experts has the expertise needed to connect your new drainage installation to the mains sewer. This connection ensures the proper disposal of foul water, preventing contamination risks and maintaining a clean, hygienic environment. Rest assured that our groundworks company adheres to all industry standards and guidelines during this crucial step.

Please be aware that homes in rural areas where there is no mains system to connect to might benefit from a cesspit, a septic tank or a STP.


Under some circumstances, a traditional drainage installation might not be suitable or practical. As an alternative, we offer the installation of soakaways. These underground structures collect and absorb surface water, gradually releasing it into the surrounding soil. Soakaways are particularly useful in rural areas where the mains sewer system is inaccessible. Septic tanks and sewage treatment plants can disperse effluent into a soakaway safely.

Our groundworks company assesses your specific requirements and suggests the most appropriate drainage solution for optimal results.

When it comes to drainage installation, our company is the trusted choice for services in Crowborough, Lewes, Uckfield and all areas in Sussex. From site clearances to bulk excavation and land preparation, we ensure a flawless foundation for your drainage system. With expertise in surface water and foul water run-off management, mains system connections and soakaways, we guarantee reliable solutions which we tailor to your specific needs.

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